Accountancy Vacancies York

Accountant / Trainee Accountant / Human Abacus Vacancy


We’re based just outside Escrick, York, YO19 (buses are a nightmare round here, so if you’re not in walking distance, a car – and the ability to drive it legally – would be a real bonus)


Will be based on experience. Don’t you hate it when companies say that? Call us for a chat if you’d like to discuss expectations before applying. We don’t bite.

(Drumroll) The role

Listen up, number crunching folk…

Are you counting off the days, working for a dull accountancy firm?

Would you rather be making them count, working for a fast-growing team of accounting super-geeks?

At CGA, we’re looking for an impressive individual with a head for figures, and a body for Custard Creams. Whatever your background, if you love what you do, we’ll love you, so let your geek flag fly, and apply.

Your pedigree (or lack thereof)

If we were talking a stroll round a dog rehoming centre, this is what it might say about you on the white board, outside your kennel (bear with the metaphor, it really works):

  • While I’m no Uri Geller, I know what’s on my client’s minds, I can anticipate their needs, and talk to them on their terms (NB: better watch this one around spoons in the office kitchen).
  • I’m a post-it lovin’, colour-coding, super-efficient accountoholic, with a borderline dangerous obsession for small business taxation.
  • I whine and pace my kennel with excitement when someone talks about the whole MTD for tax movement.
  • I want to apply my rainman-like knowledge to unreliable data, to make it squeaky clean.
  • Like a good girl or boy, I have, or am working towards, my AAT/ACCA Certification (treat – please).
  • I sit up and beg for all things Cloud, do tricks to have a go on Xero, strain at the leash towards QuickBooks, and will bite your arm off to access nerdy App add-ons.
  • I may not be a pedigree, but my quirky personality and ability to balance the books (and balance a treat on my nose) make me ultra loveable, and oh-so-adoptable. Sign the papers now, before someone else snaps me up.

Our canine credentials

Because it’s unfair of us to only use the stray dog metaphor on you, here’s what it says on our adoption papers…

We’re looking for the right person to embrace into the CGA family (which sounds a little over familiar), as part of our small but perfectly formed team. We’re not in a rush to do so, and this job opportunity will remain open until we find our missing puzzle piece.

When we’re not doing the work stuff with numbers that we love, we love a lot of other stuff, from horse racing and rugby to zumba and gin. We’re partial to a bit of celebrity gossip, but we won’t gossip about you in the office kitchen, and if you’ve got spinach in your teeth or your fly is down, we’ll definitely let you know (usually).

Work is not our whole lives, but we won’t lie to you, it’s a big part of our lives. We love what we do. We’re good at what we do. We’re proud of how we do it. And we won’t be stuffed in a boring brown box marked ‘accountant’ and posted to pensionable age.

Off the top of our heads, we know how many different rates of VAT there have been since its inception, how many times Red Rum has won the Grand National, and in what year Marching on Together was released.

That’s what we bring to the table, aside from a fun and friendly working environment, an extreme biscuit selection, a competitive salary, a lovely location, and a desire to let you be yourself at work.

I’m in! Pick me!

If you’d like to be considered for this role, you’ll need to do a little more than sit up and beg.

Send us a copy of your CV, an email introducing yourself and letting us know why you’re the missing piece of our jigsaw (comparing yourself to a rescue dog is optional), and your best accountancy joke to