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We’re having a slight technical issue with the layout of this newsletter in some email clients but as this weekend is special to us, we really wanted it to go out this morning – if you’re having trouble viewing it please take a look on our website.

Challenges, Checklists and Charities

In loving memory of Karen Mustill (Nee Reay)
7th May 11am

Dear all,
This newsletter is dedicated to our dear friend and colleague Karen Mustill (nee) Reay – Do please take the time to read it.
Thank you to all that have supported various CGA fundraising efforts and thank you to each of you that has given, and continues to give, time and money to any charitable organisation. Now more than ever that support is needed.
CGA over the years have supported many charities as have many of you and we will continue to do so. May 9th marks a special date in our diaries. With the current situation in the UK, it feels appropriate to talk about just how charitable and downright philanthropic many individuals and companies have been in recent times.
So along with our regular technical updates, we have information for a couple of charities that are dear to CGA and news of our latest idea for raising funds. It’s brilliant and straightforward – all you have to do is drink gin!
In loving memory of Karen Mustill (Nee Reay)
Many of you will know and remember Karen, but for those of you that don’t here are a few words from Chelle.
Karen spent her formative years at Joseph Rowntree School in Haxby, alongside me. Having left school, we lost touch for a while. We were to be reunited a few years later when Karen applied for a secretarial job at CGA in March 1998, and she quickly became a valued friend and member of the team. Known for her candidness, sharp sense of wit and drinking ability, she was well-liked by many (although she was best avoided in the morning until the caffeine kicked in). Karen was happiest with a cider in hand and enjoyed a good party.
Karen remained with CGA until 2004, leaving to set up her own business providing admin and bookkeeping services with our blessing. In 2006, Karen and her long-time partner Richard announced that two were to become three and Jack duly arrived in June 2007. It is fair to say that Jack changed Karen’s life, and she took to motherhood like a duck to water.
In loving memory of Karen Mustill (Nee Reay)
In 2009 Karen was diagnosed with cancer and sadly, in February 2010, passed away. Despite spending many days in pain and with little energy, she never lost her sense of humour or bluntness. She was an amazing lady.
February 2020 marked ten years since Karen passed away and on May 9th 2020, Karen would have been 50. She was just 39 when she died, and Jack wasn’t quite three years old. Below is a letter Jack wrote for Karen for the tenth anniversary of her death.
Dear Mummy,

It’s been ten years since we last saw each other and I am just too sad that I cannot see you one last time just to see what you look like because I was only 2 years old when I last did.

If you were here today then I am probably guessing that we would be having the best time and there would be no need to write this letter but unfortunately that couldn’t happen. I hope that you will be happy to hear that I have a new mum called Chelle, (who you will know from work) she is kind, loving, and helpful and whilst you are away I couldn’t have had another mother to look after me better than her. She can be bossy and strict but I think that’s a good thing because I would be a little wimp if she wasn’t so bossy. I don’t know who to thank for this but if I were to thank anyone I would thank you for letting dad love Chelle because I am so grateful to have another Mum like her and if she wasn’t here then Dad and I would both probably be lost whilst mum would be slaving away doing her tax returns. She adopted me as well on the 1st of September 2017.

I hope that you and grandpa cliff will be partying and drinking a lot of scrumpy Jack and prosecco because I will be upset to know if you do otherwise.  

I have always wanted to say this to you but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
I love you lots and lots it’s just not writeable to put how much I love you into words on this sheet of paper because I would go onto thousands upon millions and possibly even billions of words but it’s just that important for you to know how much I really do love you. If I owned the world I would give it away just to get you back.

I send love to you from;

Chelle, Richard, Sue, Seamus (our new dog that Grandma Sue owns, it’s a cavapoo which is a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle) and I send all the love in my heart at this very moment in time (which is a lot) to you.

Lots of love,

Your son

Richard and I bumped into each other while attending one of our favourite places (York Races). Having known each other for a long time thanks to Karen, we quickly discovered our love of Karen wasn’t the only thing we had in common and the rest, as they say, is history. Richard and I have been together for what feels like forever (especially in these lockdown days), and on the September 1st 2017, Jack and I officially adopted each other.  Karen is and will always be a big part of our lives, and right now feels the right time to celebrate on Karen’s behalf.

We have teamed up with our lovely clients Cooper King Distillery to produce 120 bottles of delicious gin in honour of Karen.
Priced at £39.95, of which £35 we will donate to St Leonards Hospice and the remaining £4.95 covers postage and packaging. If you would like to honour this beautiful lady, order and enjoy a tipple happy in the knowledge that you are also raising funds for an exceptional charity. Visit Cooper King’s website to purchase a bottle of Karen’s gin.
Buy Karen’s Gin

Challenging Times

These are difficult times. Women experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties are under still more pressure.

Since 2000 York Women’s Counselling Service has provided vital support to local women who are struggling. These are women who cannot afford private counselling and their needs are not being met by public health services. 

CGA is proud to have supported York Women’s Counselling for the last 10 years by volunteering our finance skills and we hope that you will support them in this their 20th year. York Women’s Counselling (YWCS) has helped hundreds of women since 2000; women who can’t afford or access counselling any other way. If you’d consider helping this vital local service now, you will make a huge difference to local women and their families as the effects of the coronavirus crisis strike deeper. 

YWCS cannot meet the current demand for the service. When the lockdown is over, the demand for counselling services will skyrocket. With your support, YWCS can increase the number of counselling sessions available and have launched a YWCS Coronavirus appeal.

Your help now will mean that more women will be able to access the vital counselling that they need to turn their lives around. Thank you for making a difference to vulnerable women in York by supporting our service and keeping us on track and positive!
“I have worked with these ladies for 10 years, beginning just as all public funding support was removed, they work tirelessly to ensure the survival of this wonderful charity (and yes there have been times when the coppers were so low their sustainability was in question), but they never give up and if you take the time to read some of the stories on the website you will understand why – all of the counsellors are qualified and give their time for free, however demand often outstrips the availability of sessions, if you feel that you could support YWCS by offering your time then please click here for more information – this is a truly inspirational group of ladies”
YWCS Coronavirus Appeal

Memories of Golf and Football

Some of you may recall that at the back end of summer last year, CGA fielded teams in both a Golf and Five aside football Charity Challenge day both in support of Dementia Forward. Suffice to say the competitive nature of our male team members ensured that we did quite well in both and both days were exceptional fun.
Our participation in these challenges came by way of two of our very lovely and long-standing clients Linda and Ken Barnes, Ken was diagnosed with young-onset dementia in late 2015 at the age of 53.

The current coronavirus situation adds a further layer of complexity to an already very different way of life.
Linda began to put her thoughts and experiences into a blog (not something she had ever done before) and I have been reading these on a regular basis, sometimes with a smile on my face and sometimes with a tear in my eye and with permission from Linda, this seems like the right time to share the link to one of her blogs.

If you wish to continue to follow the blog then just click the link above and if you wish donate to dementia forward then you can do here.
Read Linda’s Blog

£32,795,065 – To Be Exact

We couldn’t write a newsletter like this without paying tribute Captain John Moore or to be precise the first ever Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College – what a truly amazing gentleman – we think he will be 101 by the time he finishes reading his birthday cards and messages.

182,000 People

Claire and I have become avid attendees of the virtual pub quiz. It’s very competitive but I am pretty sure Team Chelle leading. The quiz has grown substantially, starting out as a way for Jay Flynn to entertain his friends, and with last week seeing 182,000 people tuned in. Jay has also set up a fundraiser for the NHS and to date has raised £139,667. The quiz is on Facebook and Youtube every Thursday and Saturday and you can join in with friends via your chosen video calling app.

The Technical Stuff

and updates to business support information:

Tax Checklist

Most of you should by now have received your 19-20 Tax Checklist – we look forward to working on something other than coronvirus related topics – if you need to relocate a copy of the checklist then it can be downloaded here – we look forward to receiving all of your lovely tax info soon and don’t forget to upload those sensitive documents using our secure portal.

Bounce Back Loans

We know that many clients have applied for the bounce back loan support, the process appears to be simple and we would be grateful for any feedback on your applications.

Read full information here

Self-Employment Income Support Scheme SEISS

We have now contacted all clients whom we believe will have a claim under this scheme, you can check if HMRC believe you are entitled to a grant under this scheme – check your eligibility here. For more information regarding eligibility click here. In order to make the claim you will need to have set up and have access to your personal tax account – you can download a step by step guide to setting up your personal tax account on our website.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the grant then please contact Chelle.

Top-up to local business grant funds scheme

Following our newsletter last week as yet we still have no further information regarding this but as soon as we do we will let you know.
More information on top-up to local business grant funds scheme

However, York City Council had already begun to offer a Micro Business Grant of up to £1,000, for more information on the Micro Business Grantclick here.

This would seem to be in addition to the top-up grant above although we very much doubt you will be able to apply under both schemes.

Finally, Office News in Brief

The team continue to work from home, while Claire and Chelle hold the fort in the office. Recent photos posted on our internal team App suggest that the reopening of the Barbers will be very welcome.
Andrew has had a go at creating his own style, while we are not sure what Lawrence has done to upset Molly!  Billy has now hidden all the scissors in the house. Chelle managed to locate the Vacuum and figure out how it works!
We received a lovely doorstep surprise of two beautiful bunches of flowers from Laurie at Dryland Developments – thank you – such a cheery way to end last week.
And in preparation for a return of the team to the office at some point we have made an investment in alcohol of a different kind.
Stay safe, have an enjoyable Bank Holiday VE day and a lovely weekend.

CGA can be contacted at any time for advice and support.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

Don’t forget! Our office closes at 2pm every Friday as a reward for our hard working team. If you urgently need to contact us, our mobile numbers are the best method when we are away from the office.
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