The Power of Business Coaching – Case Study (2)


Justine began with a hobby business, making jewellery in her garden shed. She had a track record of failed business ventures and lacked confidence in her own business acumen. Her husband developed a ‘cool’ website which attracted interest from a couple of ‘you tube’ stars who bought her cloth wrist bands priced between £6 – £20. They wore them in their productions and their fans started asking questions about where they had bought the jewellery. Sales started taking off. Justine was then contacted by her brother-in- law who works for St Kidds (a fashion brand of Live Nation). After numerous meetings they eventually put in an order for 2000 wrist bands. It took Justine 6 months to make them all and they sold out within 3 weeks!

 “I was torn between doing the thing I loved the most – designing one off amazing Jewellery pieces and having to meet the demand of high volumes for wholesale to St Kidds. I struggled to keep up with their order deadlines and found myself working long hours for very little money. ”  Justine Cullen, Designer and Entrepreneur


Justine lacked a vision and longer term strategy for her business. She needed structure and focus, but was spending too much time working in the business rather than ON the business. She had cherished dreams but dare not pursue them for fear of failure.

Justine was referred to a New Level Results Business Coach by another client who had experienced the power of good coaching and she felt it would be just what Justine needed. The coach was able to unlock Justine’s hopes, dreams and aspirations and form the outline of a 3 year strategic plan. This really opened Justine’s eyes – she had never really looked at her business in this way. She instantly saw the benefit of working with a coach and the power the Best Year Yet Plan and tracking would offer her and give her the direction and structure she needed to transform her business.


The coach introduced Justine to Growth Accelerator to part fund a Best Year Yet Coaching and Personal Development Programme. She is now in her second year. Her confidence has gone through the roof. The business has moved from the garden shed to a fit for purpose unit in the Town Centre. Sales and profits are the best they have ever been. Seeing her potential to be a global celebrity designer, her coach challenged her to produce one piece of Jewellery that would equate to her whole year’s projected turnover in one go.

Justine says: “My Coach makes me do crazy things which take me completely outside of my comfort zone. He makes me think at a level I have never dared to think. The results have been nothing short of staggering. ”

Justine uses her plan like a recipe to success, constantly looking at it, updating, reviewing and revising her thinking, behaviour and actions. She knows exactly where she is going and what she needs to do to be successful – all with the support and challenge of her New Level Results Coach. .

“Since being introduced to the wonderful Best Year Yet programme, it is no exaggeration to say that the combination of the coaching and the system has completely transformed the way I think and the actions I take, giving me the results I have always wanted. Best Year Yet is one of the best things to have happened to me.” Justine Cullen

Company: Justine Cullen


Industry Sector: Manufacture and retail distribution

NLR Programmes: Best Year Yet; Leadership Development; Growth Accelerator


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