The Power of Business Coaching – Case Study (1)

Growth Accelerator Client


Michael Crane set up his office supplies business in 2002 and through tenacity, clever marketing and robust systems he built a user friendly office supplies company, offering over 20,000 different products from ink and toner to corporate gifts and office interiors. In the good years the business thrived, founded on a reputation for great service and reliability. Notwithstanding the recession and increasingly fierce competition, Michael had good management systems and key performance indicators that allowed him to take more and more time off from the business.

“Having built the business up over 12 years I was staggered to come back from a world cruise to find that people were not following the processes and procedures I had put in place and we had lost good business and profitability. This really knocked my confidence. I thought I had it all sorted. I felt like we had gone back to square one. Things were not irretrievable, but the question was, did I have the motivation and drive to ‘build it all back up again?” Michael Crane, Managing Director.


Michael has always invested in his own self development. Having attended a Leadership Course a few years previously he returned to New Level Results and was very interested in the Best Year Yet Business Coaching Programme. He wanted someone to work with who understood the trials and tribulations of running a business and who would challenge his thinking and hold him accountable.


In essence, he was seeking a high performance coach; mainly because, despite previous success, he was now questioning his own thought processes and what actions he should take next. He had settled for a good lifestyle and now it was going to take focus, hard work and commitment to restore the business and decide on a lifestyle that would enable him to fulfil his hopes, dreams and aspirations


Michael says: “I am absolutely blown over by the power of thought and what you think about you bring about and the power of writing down a plan and following it relentlessly every month. I have never been so consistent with things. My thoughts, behaviours and actions are totally different to what they were only 6 months ago, before I encountered best year yet. The best year yet philosophies and tracking system hold me accountable and the results are nothing short of staggering.”

New Level Results introduced Growth Accelerator to assist in developing a 12 month strategic development plan. The combination of professional coaching and mentoring has resulted in a complete transformation in business improvement and personal development with a breakthrough in many areas in just 6 months. The financial performance of the business and well-being of Michael personally are in an exceptionally good place. This was recently acknowledged with a nomination for the Daily Telegraph SME of the Year 2014.

Working with my Coach has been an amazing journey. In less than 6 months, I am in control of and have the perfect balance in all areas of my life, underpinned by the recovery of the business. With the power of positive thinking, backed up by relentless systems and measurement I am looking forward to a great future. I would definitely recommend New Level Results coaching to every ambitious entrepreneur looking for the capability to harness great results by having a plan for success and by being held completely accountable to that plan.” Michael Crane, Managing Director.


Company: Crane Office Supplies Ltd


Industry Sector: Wholesale and retail sales of office supplies.